Be part of the movement. Be a Generation Life Missionary.

If you have any questions about this application please email: missionary@generationlife.org or download our missionary packet to learn more.
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  • What it means to be a Generation Life Missionary:

    A Generation Life (GL) missionary is not merely taking a job, but is making a total commitment to both his or her spiritual and personal growth and that of college students. Missionaries need to be free to wholeheartedly invest their very lives in the men and women they serve. With this in mind, we ask that missionaries make an initial 13 month commitment to GL and be willing to relocate to anywhere GL would assign them. In addition, in the first year on GL staff is a period of adjustment and formation; therefore we ask that missionaries abstain from dating (romantic involvement) during their first 12 months on staff. In order to be effectively prepared for mission work on campus, all first-year missionaries must attend New Staff Training and dedicate themselves to their personal fundraising efforts.
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