Do you feel called to spread the messages of pro-life and chastity to the youth? Do you have a love for Theology of the Body and John Paul II? Do you have the passion to get this message across to youth who are drowning in the lies of the culture? Do you feel like you can connect to the youth and share your story with them to help them see the Truth? If you answered YES to all of these questions, we encourage you to look more deeply into our program and see if this is where God is calling you to serve!

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What is a Generation Life Missionary? What do they do?

The missionaries are the ones who do the very specific job of speaking to the youth! Each day, the missionaries go out in pairs (one man and one woman) to speak to the teens all over NY and Philly. They share their stories and their passion for Theology of the Body with the students hoping to reach them at their level and help them understand the purpose of our bodies and our sexuality.


Do the missionaries talk to more than one school a day?

Yes. Sometimes, missionary pairs speak to only one school a day but sometimes they may speak to three!


Is there a set talk that the missionaries give?

Yes. We often try to work with schools by giving a series of talks. After much research at Generation Life, we have compiled a series of talks which all have a general outline. The missionaries learn each of these talks and then have the freedom to put their own spin on it! Every missionary is different, so every talk is always different. Once the missionaries gain some experience with the talks, they naturally add in their own stories, examples, and etc.


Do the missionaries get trained to give talks?

Yes. In the months of June and September, the missionaries from the year before and the staff at Generation Life, join together to train the new missionaries who come on the team!


How long is the commitment to be a missionary?

The commitment to be a missionary is one year. Some missionaries feel as if they are just getting started after one year and sign on for another!


Do missionaries have to find a place to live or does Generation Life provide housing?

Generation Life DOES provide housing for all missionaries. The exact location for each year is to be determined.


Does Generation Life provide Health Insurance?

YES, we provide each missionaries with health insurance.


Do missionaries get a stipend to live on for the year?

No, Generation Life does not provide a stipend for the missionaries. Instead, we give the missionaries an opportunity to be trained in personal donor fundraising during the month of June. In the months of July and August, the missionaries have an opportunity to go home and to raise their salary for the year through fundraising. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow professionally and spiritually.


Can missionaries have a second job?

A second job is not recommended if you desire to be a missionary. We ask all of our missionaries to take the year as a time of focusing completely on the work in order that it may done well and efficiently. We have a big mission and we are in great demand!


Missionary Testimonies

Emmanuel Peña from Generation Life on Vimeo.

Stephanie Brown from Generation Life on Vimeo.