Chastity is saving all sexually intimate acts for the gift and sacrament of marriage. Though it is often confused with abstinence, chastity is more than saying ‘no’ or simply ‘waiting,’ it is saying yes to the demands of true love and growing into the person you are called to be. This virtue is the happiest and healthiest way to live out our sexuality!

Dating is discernment to lead us to marriage. This doesn’t mean you’re going to marry everyone you date! Healthy dating gives us answers to questions: who is this person? How do they treat themselves and others? Are they going to be there, through thick and thin, sickness and health, good times and bad, or will they flake? Can I grow with this person? Am I more myself with this person? Am I willing to sacrifice for this person? Living chastely now prepares us for our vocation in the future, and leads to healthy relationships down the road.

Lust is using another for sexual gratification, while love is desiring the best thing for another person, and knowing they would do the same for us. Love might demand different things in different relationships, but it always brings us closer to the things that matter most. Love requires creativity, patience, joy, growth, and so much more than we can imagine – in the long term, lust is just boring!

Whether you are single, dating, or married, you are called to a chaste lifestyle; the most important thing you can do for yourself in this journey is find support! This can mean counseling to heal from previous trauma, good friends who will let you know if they think someone is right for you, accountability systems for habits that don’t serve us (CovenantEyes is a great start). A healthy relationship doesn’t isolate, it spreads joy! You aren’t meant to discern alone, so find support, be up front with your beliefs, and be gentle with yourself.

The Pro-Life and Chastity messages are for everyone, regardless of creed. Though the messages are tenants of certain faiths, our talks are based in human dignity. We speak to groups from all backgrounds! You do not need to practice a certain religion or belong to a certain faith to uphold the right to life and the sanctity of love.

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